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1. Tags are used as followed:
[YOON] for discussion thread or compilation pictures with a specific topic
[CAP] for screencapture(s) of any shows/mv's etc.
[GIF] for gif moving image(s)
[AUD] for Audio(s)
[VID] for Video(s)
[SWF] for SWF(s)
[MANIP] for fan made manipulated picture(s)
[OTHER] for others

Remember to add the date using mm.dd.yy format for topic descriptions.
For Multiple tagging, arrange it with alphabetical order

[YOON] 120415 Yoona's acting skills

2. Do not post irrelevant Yoona items
Absolutely no posting of anything that relates nothing to Yoona here.
This means no posting imagery, articles etc. that does not contain Yoona.

3. Do not post News, Offical or newly released pictures, audio and MVs videos here.
We created forum sections for them. So please don't post them here.

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